Creating images to market you product is an important investment.

Maintaining a consistent brand look and creating a visual identity for your business and product is a must.

Varying from studio and on location photoshoots,  I collaborate with commercial clients and designers to achieve visual marketing goals for their products or company identity.


Small Hand Foods

Classic ingredients for pre-prohibition era cocktails.


Small Hand Foods is owned and operated by Jennifer Colliau, a Bay Area native and bartender of 18 years. She has garnered praise for both her Small Hand Foods creations and her unique bartending style.


studio | 4480

With a solid foundation in architectural and product design, Fritz Muegenburg has long held a passion for minimal design and clean lines. It was from this passion that studio | 4480 emerged as an independent design studio driven by the interplay between proportion and materials.  Fritz is a native Californian and studio | 4480 is currently based in Oakland, California.




To portrait a person is to reflect how you see them.
Portraits are a great way to give your clients a good first impression, its also a great way to express creativity and make memories of now.